FlashOn Instagramers 1.14: @WordsandStyle


Each week we discover new and interesting feeds in Instagram.  This section FlashOn is an open space where we give a shout out and promote IG users.  No need to have thousands and thousands of followers! Soon, it could be your turn!

This week we decided to highlight @WordsAndStyle. Word and Styles is not only an Instagram Stream but a project leaded by Ricardo Eversley in many different social networks and online platforms.

WordsandStyle is definitely not an usual stream. It´s a  place where you can daily find Celebrities (mostly singers) Pics and Thoughts.

One of the most creative stream i have seen in Instagram. A feed blending Words and Style! See all his pictures here!

Or WordsAndStyle in Twitter or in their web and Tumblr.


Grid of the week: @WordsAndStyle


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