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This week I decided to feature @Giflz , a chinese Instagramer I met few days ago (thanks to @twheat). I thought it could be interesting to know a little bit more about  both Iger´s Life and Passion for Instagram in this huge country called China. August Liu is a street photographer who shoots the daily street atmosphere. Discover him here.



His name is  Zishen Liu but you can call him August Liu.

August is 29 years old and he lives in ShenYang, a town in the northeast of China. He is teacher at ShengYang Aerospace University in the video edition courses. He always loved cinema and photography and shared this two passions with rock and roll,reading books and playing basketball.

His family is the main and original reason why he started  with photography. His grandfather was an outstanding “black and white” portrait photographer and curiously, his mother worked as well in a “photo coloring” division in a photography firm.

These facts explains why he spent most of his free time, while a child, in a developing photo studio but he admits really nobody taught him how to shoot.

In 2002, he entered the University study Art and Design Professional. He started then studying by himself the art of photography.

Since then, Photography has become a part of his life. Two years ago, he met his wife because of a camera too! They got married just two month later from the moment they first met. She´s also very fond of photography and they always go out to the street taking their cameras. You can find her too in Instagram. Her nick is @ladyouou and she has a really nice feed too.

@Giflzs loves “documentary photography”. He thinks it is the real essence of photography. Likewise StreetPhotography, Shooting “other People´s lives” is a constant theme in his stream. He tries to reflect chinese people daily matters. He loves his iPhone4 because it´s a very new way to take pics. His “iPhone brand new perspective”.

He proudly considers himself as a street photographer and enjoys more and more this addiction. His fav photographers in Instagram are @aikbengchia @sionfullana @aliiicee @justwhatisee  @555design and of course, @ladyouou his wife.

His favorite editing apps are Hipstamatic and Snapseed.

You can follow @Giflzs on Instagram and in Twitter

Hope you will appreciate this genuine view of Chinese life and streets.



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