Focus On 1.76: Shinya Umetsu.  He is @chikuwa91 on Instagram.  Domo Arigato!


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Today we are happy to introduce to you Shinya Umetsu from the city of Fukuoka in Japan. 

Check him out here! @chikuwa91


My name is Shinya Umetsu (@chikuwa91); I live in Fukuoka, a city situated in western Japan. 

It is a small city, but mother nature is very present all around us, allowing for great picture taking escapades: an ocean, mountains, plateau’s, historical buildings and ruins… we can get to any of those in very little time.

I’m certain that had I not started the IG group here, I probably would not be interested in exploring this area so much, it has aroused my curiosity and it keeps me exploring new areas.

IG truly has revealed another side of my city and Kyushu to me.

IG has turned me into a mobile photography freak!  I collaborate with activities organised by communities such as @AMPT, SHOOTER magazine (@shootermag), Youmobile (@youmobile), Mobile Walkers Japan (@MW_JP), Mobilemastars (@Mobilemasters).

They offer interesting technical information about mobile photography and their timeline  is very exciting.  I also recently started my own project called P_P_F,  please check them all out!


Thanks for your contribution to Focus On Shinya!


Here we go!


Statigram – Shinya Umetsu


Statigram – Shinya Umetsu 2


You are: Shinya Umetsu

You would like to be: Having drinks & listening to music

3 items to take to a desert island: iPhone(with waterproof case), Sharp edged knife and Beer.

What has been your most bizarre life experience: When I woke up with a headache and went to the restroom, my iPhone was sleeping at the bottom of the toilet bowl for some reason…..

Super power you would like to have:  The power to manipulate weather for photography.


Statigram – Shinya Umetsu 3


In ‘real’ life

Happy alone (with Instagram), in love, married or it’s complicated: In a friendship.

You love to: Be in a quiet place.

You can’t stand: A noisy place.

A song that best describes you:Then it happened by Milosh”.

Your hobbies: Go for drinks with friends, movies, playing guitar and mobile photography.

A trip you dream of: Space

A quote: ”Don’t think, feel! (Bruce Lee)

Some-one you admire: My father. 

What more must we know about you in one phrase: Prankish


Statigram – Shinya Umetsu 4


Your life on Instagram

Your Instagram birthday: 168 weeks ago.

iPhone or Android: iPhone

Did Instagram change your life:  Instagram has allowed me to live interesting experiences and to make friends all around the world.


Statigram – Shinya Umetsu 5


Instagram for professional or personal use: For sharing techniques and fun.

Define your style in one word: Mobile photography.

Daily time spent on Instagram: A few minutes to take the picture… then editing… that’s another story!

Favorite hashtag: #Jump

A favorite filter: Rise and Sierra.

An App: Filterstorm.

Favorite Gadget: iPhone.

 Pictures that made you like on Instagram: Pictures of people enjoying life!

Pictures that must be forbidden on Instragam: But, nails and mirror selfies.

An improvement for Instagram: Pop page

Life without Instagram would be: I’ll get more time for other things but I would be looking for things to do…

An Instagram user we cannot miss: @speeppola @finfilm and @code_v1112

Anything else?: Thanks!


Describe your best picture on Instagram:  When I took this photograph, I remembered an UKIYOE print made by Hiroshige.

Because I love Hiroshige’s use of blue, I tried to reproduce the color.


Statigram – Shinya Umetsu 6


Domo Arigato Shinya!  Keep up the good work and your involvement in the mobile photography world!




Here are some more of Shinya beautiful pictures.


Statigram – Shinya Umetsu 7


Statigram – Shinya Umetsu 8


Statigram – Shinya Umetsu 9


Statigram – Shinya Umetsu 10


Statigram – Shinya Umetsu 11




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