Meeting Instagramers Gallery artist Eliska Podzimkova aka @animateny


Instagramers Gallery, located at Espacio Fundación Telefónica, Fuencarral 3 in Madrid, is the first Instagramers Gallery in Europe, where you can find a permanent exhibition of  stunning photos printed on picblocs and amazing artwork of 20 mobile photography artists from all over the world. wants to highlight the story of each artist, revealing their passions, experiences and other great artists they have met through or inspired them on Instagram. On they exclusively share their vision of the world with some funny off the record questions and they’ll be sharing their best Instagram tips with us.


Today we are happy and honored to introduce you to Eliska from Czech Republic.

“Hello or Ahoj how we say in the Czech Republic where I am from. I am 23 years old animator from little town near Prague, but I currently live between NYC and Prague. What do I do? Well, I am trying to live post graduate life in a way I like and do what I love. So I draw, I take pictures, animate, travel, cuddle my dog, snuggle with my girlfriend, discover new places and revisit the old ones. I am open to any cool projects what people offer me to work on and I am always open to travel anywhere.”


You can find Eliska on:

Instagram: @animateny

Twitter: @animateny

Her official website is in process of making:




Some funny questions! 

You are: To young to be serious…

You would like to be: A person who enjoys life fully.

3 items to take to a desert island: Camera, beer, my dog.

What has been your most bizarre life experience: When I got featured by NYC Metro newspaper and they put me on the front page. I had to observe this situation from Prague and was imagining people looking at my pictures.

A super power would you like to have: Relocation.

If you ruled the world:  I would cut arms to all the people who hurt animals. I would fully stand for gay marriage and adoption.




In ‘real’ life 

Happy alone, in love, married or it’s complicated: In love.

You love: To be creative and eat good food.

You can’t stand: I can’t stand slandering behind someone’s back.

A song that best describes you: That is a very hard question… “American Dream” by Electric Guest

Your hobbies: Drawing, being creative, skateboarding, biking, snowboarding, smoking, coffee drinking, photography.

A trip you dream of: I would love to go to Iceland in near future.

A quote: “Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That’s because they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things.” -Steve Jobs

A wish: I could be never be sick.

Some-one you admire: Keith Haring, Vincent Van Gogh, Shantell Martin, Paul Octavious.

What more must we know about you in one phrase: I can’t finish a day without doing anything creative.



Your life on Instagram

 Your Instagram birthday: March 2013.

iPhone, Android, DSLR: iPhone.

Did Instagram change your life in some way: Yes.

Instagram for professional or personal use: Both.

Define your style in one word: Creative.

Daily time spent on Instagram:  1 hour.

Favorite hashtag: #fromwhereistand



A filter: No filter.

An App: VSCOcam.

A gadget: iPhone or Macbook.

Pictures that make you laugh on Instagram: Videos with puppies or monkeys.

Pictures that must be forbidden on Instagram: Animal cruelty!

An improvement for Instagram: HD videos.

Life without Instagram would be: Kind of boring in many ways.  I would’t see what my friends are doing every day, I wouldn’t be able to observe my everyday life in the way Instagram allows me to do.

An Instagram user we can’t miss: @hricca




What do you think of being a new artists in the Instagramers Gallery in Madrid?

I think it’s amazing opportunity and project. I appreciate Instagramers Gallery’s effort to feature artists on instagram around the world. I hope I’ll make some time during the year and come to Madrid to check it out.



You can find Eliska’s pictures at Instagramers Gallery, located at Espacio Fundación Telefónica, Fuencarral 3 in Madrid. Open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10am to 8pm.

All pictures at the Instagramers Gallery are printed by our partner Picglaze.





Thank you so much Eliska, for sharing a little more about you. It’s been a pleasure!

Kimberly for @igersgallery








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