#Ministory Terms and Conditions

Mini Terms and Shorts Conditions

Showing your Ministory Films.

By entering Ministory Shorts Film Contest, you agree that the organization may show your film or use it via regular “embeb service” provided by Instagram Platform. The Team may also publish it for media review purposes for exhibition but will never copy or sell it. You also agree that Mini Story Shorts Film Contest, a not-for-profit organisation, may screen your film at occasional events after the contest (always using Instagram Platform via web). We would always contact you (or a nominated filmmaker) to inform you of these events.

By entering Mini Story Shorts Film Contest, you are confirming that you hold all appropriate rights and releases pertaining to the actors, music, screenplay etc. By entering the contest, you release the Mini Story Short Film Contest Team from any claim and all responsibilities relating to or arising from its use of the film.

The filmmaker agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Mini Story Shorts Film Contest, its board and judges – individually and collectively – from claims, demands, losses, damages, costs and liabilities relating to films submitted to this challenge on Instagram.

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