1 million Christmas Trees project on Instagram


Last  December 2010, @mahadewa initiated quiet an ambitious IG challenge.

He called it the challenge #1000ChristmasTrees! The idea , was for everybody to collect 1000 photos of Christmas Trees in Instagram before Christmas Day, and we had to do it in 2 weeks !

You can read the whole story and achievement that he made at #1kxtree_history

This year He would like that everybody could feel the same feeling  shared in 2010. So @mahadewa is initiating a similar challenge but with much MUCH BIGGER Goal.

This year we are collecting 1 Million Christmas Trees!

“The rumour says that Instagram has about 12 million users.  Let’s put that statement to the test!” He says at his @1mxtrees account

Read more about How to Participate, the mini challenges and the Prizes on the other posts of this account. Feel free also to follow @mahadewa for latest updates on this project.

Please share all the information available in this account to everybody and to all channels (IG, Twitter, Facebook, etc). WE CAN DO IT!


Instagramers.com supports @mahadewa and all good initiatives!


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