Country singer Imaj holds a new contest in Instagram.


IMAJ a.k.a @imaj in Instagram is currently holding an official contest supported by Statigram to inspire world peace called “Peace & Love, Imaj”


IMAJ is a 22-years-old Country singer, visual artist, novelist and humanitarian for world peace. As you can see, Imaj is a multi-talented artist who sings in 6 different languages, writes her own music, has published a novel of literary fiction called, HARLOW and also had her art displayed in the Dallas Museum of Art.

From a very young age, Imaj traveled the world with her parents (her father is the world known actor Phillip Michael Thomas of Miami Vice) who always taught her that every Earthling mattered; from the grass beneath our feet to the animals to each and every human being. This was the start of Imaj’s endeavor to inspire World Peace.

Her ultimate goal is to use her gifts to inspire world peace through Instagram.


How to join the Contest?

PEACE & LOVE, IMAJ is an Instagram contest to inspire world peace. No matter who you are or where you live, you matter; for all of us are brothers and sisters who must live together on this ‘pale blue dot’ we call home. Enter your photos of Peace + Love!

The contest is open to all the countries and it´s quite very easy. You have to tag @imaj and add  #peaceandloveimaj in the caption of up to 3 photos. (Must be your own photos of course and be a follower of @imaj.


And for the winner?

Winner chosen February 14 and will be featured on Instagram @imaj account , facebook, twitter and blog from the young singer plus will receive autographed Imaj´s first Novel plus acoustic album of Imaj.

More info at Statigram Contest Page.


Let´s Instagram Peace and Love



More information about Imaj:

She has campaigned  yet in the past Against Bullying, performed for Children’s Hospitals, opened for several Charity Galas and has recently began volunteering and writing music with hospice patients.

You can learn more about Imaj through her official links here, her website, her blog, her twitter, her Facebook and her novel Website



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