First IGers San Diego meetup Recap


IGer’s San Diego had it’s first ever Instameet on May 20th at Seaport Village in Downtown San Diego.

There were between 15 and 20 Igers who attended the event. All users were iPhone users with the exception of one, @leslieallyse who was the only user who was on Droid version of the app.

We first stood around getting to know one another trying to figure out if we should call each other by our actual names, or our user names (since thats how most everyone knew each other). Claudia (@claud_oval) also was kind enough to make shirts for IG’ers to purchase. We then, as a group started walking around the scenic area of San Diego know as Seaport Village.

Seaport Village is a little touristy spot right on the water located in downtown San Diego. It offers views of the downtown skyline, Coronado island and San Diego bay. It was perfect for everyone’s shooting style. Except for Wendy‘s (@wendizzal) since it was mid afternoon and there was no sunset for her to shoot. lol.

It was a fun afternoon of walking around Seaport Village talking to one another about everything from apps that we use for editing, shooting styles, etc. There were many other San Diego IGer’s located in the northern part of San Diego County that couldn’t make it, so later this summer we will be organizing another meetup in the northern part of the county!

All in all though it was a great time, and we all look forward to getting together really soon.


Ronald @hons24 from @IgersSanDiego

Attached is little frame magic of some of the images taken from the meetup.

Left side (top to bottom)


Right side (top to bottom)



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