HKINSTAYAY 16 will be held on 2nd September (Sunday), 11am – 6pm at Sai Kung


Edwin @smashing_pumpkin and Candy @flosslai will be your hosts.

Meeting Point: In front of Sai Kung New Public Pier

Meeting Time: 11am

Plan: We will meet at Sai Kung New Public Pier to go aboard our Yay ship. We have reserved the boat for the whole day and will cost $100 per person. The boat can only take 50 people maximum so it is necessary to cap it at that number. All the more reason to confirm your attendance on this adventure!

Our first stop will be Leung Shuen Wan, a fish culture zone that also consists of some villages and interesting geological sights. We will also get lunch there at a quaint restaurant by the sea. Afterwards we will proceed by boat to Yim Tin Tsai, a fairly abandoned Hakka village and former salt farm.

This is where Edwin’s @smashing_pumpkin paternal grandmother was born in 1922. She is still fighting strong at 90 this year! There we can visit St. Joseph’s Chapel, a restored church with UNESCO rating, explore the dilapidated homes and check out the once thriving salt farms.

We will return to Sai Kung pier by 6pm.


1. Wear comfortable outfits and suitable sports shoes.

2. Protect yourself with sunscreen/umbrella and mosquito repellent.

3. Bring at least one litre of water to keep yourself hydrated.

4. Total boat journey time will be about 2 hours. The waves can be choppy so be sure to bring motion sickness tablets if necessary!

NOTE: It is important to confirm your attendance in advance so that we can prepare your name badge, make reservations for lunch as well as check we are within capacity limit! Kindly RSVP @flosslai@smashing_pumpkin, this feed or .

***So far we have 41 awesome peeps signed up!!



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