How can I join Instagram?

Join Instagram is very easy. You just have to follow the different steps in the App. You won´t need any user guide.

You need to fill your email, a password and choose your nick.

Upload a photo and that´s it! Your are an Instagramer!

Should I choose a private profile?

Many users prefer to have a ” private profile”.  Your are free to do so. However, I do not understand it very well.  If you just want to see other users activity, create your own account with a private nick and do not upload pics but don’t “close” your profile, it´s like ” aggressive”.

How do I start in Instagram?

The profile is very important. Be yourself!

Like in your “real” life there is extroverted people who will use their own personal profile pic and other shy ones who will prefer to use an “avatar”. But upload an image to your profile!

Like most of social networks, avoiding a profile image is synonymous of do not want to play the same game and do not accept basic community rules and may carry a kind of “rejection”.

The best thing to do is to put your own photo. More human.

If you prefer to start with a secret and hidden identity, you can of course.

However, I advise you not to change too often of profile pic as with time, you will be more recognizable if you keep the same image.

Where are you from in Instagram?

You may indicate where you are living or let it know by a Foursquare tagging. Think that most Instagram followers do not know you at all.

It´s an easy way to inform people about your city, your language, your possible interests. Some users also indicate where they are and use original “emoticons” to define their main tastes or interests (language through “Flags” icons, guitars for music interests etc… It´s original and attractive.

My name in Instagram?

Choose your correct identity!

There is many possibilities to choose your identity.

– Your “first name and family name” in Instagram.

It´s definitely the best way to find and be found by your friends in the followers list. You can search friends by name through the Instagram search engine (“settings” in your profile)

You may know that although you choose a nick, your names will appear if you duly filled the register form.

– A Nick related to your graphical activity or your inspirations.

Some use a name of Car Manufacturer, a trademark or famous people. Nevertheless I would avoid using registered trademarks as someday you could lose your name in Instagram.

Bad experience:

I lost myself my first User Name: @instagramers as Instagram team thought it do not respect their legal policy and they delete radically all my followers (500 aprox) and activity . I didnt agree as my objective was clear, help the Instagramers with this blog but i had no choice.

In did, many users are using Instagram in their nick but Instagram team was probably bothered by the fact I had this good “nick” idea first!

– An original name or nick… but coherent!

Remember it must be short and easy to memorise!

The interface is not really optimize yet and it´s not very to write or mention other users. The more your user name is easy to remember, the most you will receive mention or avoid problems. In matter of Nicks, you will find of everything.

My recommendation would be to use the most personal, shortest and international nick.

A coherent decision would be to use the same Nick you use in other networks, particularly on Facebook or Twitter since you will have crossed relationships through different platforms and having a single nick makes it really easier.

Think as well that, although Instagram service is quite new, Google is probably indexing it massively. Google policy is to it index in priority contents linked to images and videos contents.



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