Several travel studies demonstrated that Instagram became one of the best platforms to discover new destinations and the place where travellers use to plan their next trips. Our passion for social photography and quest to find the best local spots took us recently to Iceland with Islandia Tours.

In our more than 10 days road trip and 3.000 kilometres, we enjoyed beautiful nature and unique landscapes. It meant also many hours of car driving, hundreds of “stop and go” to shoot waterfalls, volcanos and other beauties of the country but of course, awaited and relaxing nights in cosy places.

We had the opportunity to be hosted in several occasions by Icelandair Hotels in different cities. A chain of eight Icelandair Hotels that offers a quality stay at key locations on the ring road around Iceland. Places that combined a warm atmosphere, attractive and confortable rooms and a great service that made our stay so unforgettable.

One of the things we appreciate most was Icelandair Hotels concept and the way hotels were designed. Places, lounges and rooms to make us feel at home.

We specially enjoyed their colours, the mix of tones and usage of “art deco” or vintage trends, old suitcases, wooden sculptures, typewriters etc. creating an attractive interior design for all photography lovers. Definitely highly recommended for your next travel to Iceland!

More info about Icelandair Hotels here.

Jonatan Rius Torne @pinapli

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