Juxt, born to learn and share about mobile device artistry world.


You probably heard about Juxt in your Instagram stream last week. But what is  Juxt?

We wanted to know more about this mysterious JUXT organization and we contacted with @BradPuet our @Igers_Seattle (Instagramers Seattle) and unveiled the secret behind this name.


What is Juxt?

Juxt is the brainchild of four friends based in Seattle, WA. We are enthusiasts of mobile arts but we are fans of other art forms too. Juxt was formed with intentions to learn and share more about this emerging and amazing world of mobile device artistry.

Juxt is not a “team”. We are mobile arts community members hoping to continue the already fruitful dialogue and relationship building that has emerged and grown through photo and video social networks such as Instagram.


Who are the guys behind the Juxt Project?

We are four people at the moment, @boohi_bronson who owns a Canon G10 and a Rebel XTI. You would think the mobile camera to be a gateway drug to DSLR cameras…wrong. Both cameras are collecting dust in the studio while the mobile camera stays in his left pocket. The easy access makes for capturing every stupid beautiful little thing and viewing it with a new eyes. Boohi works as a graphic designer and storyboard artist. Other interests include graffiti, typography, snowboarding and muscle cars (especially everything Mopar).

And @gotgoat who is an architect aspiring to be a goat farmer someday. He has been involved with the visual arts to the built world.  He is an everyday mobile devise user, like you all, learning as you go.

@hellachris unknowingly began his mobile photography love affair in 2003 with the purchase of the Sony Ericsson T616, but has always been fascinated with digital media (videography & digital photography).. since the early 80’s (do you remember BetaMax?).  Fast forward eight years, countless devices and tens of thousands of pictures later, he still enjoys capturing and sharing life in front of him.

And finally, myself, @bradpuet, member of the Instagram community since middle of 2011. In 2009, I made the switch from blackberry to iPhone once I saw what my friends, mainly @boohi_bronson, was doing with their iPhones. The camera, the apps…all of it! 3G and CameraKit/Adobe PSE to the 4 and Snapseed/FilmNoir, I just cant quit.  By day I´m a director of a human services program in Seattle.  I also has a long history of organizing many grassroots organizations and I´m a co-founder of two arts organizations in Seattle, one focused on cultural arts and the other with youth. I´m also member of @AMPtAMPTeam, STAND UP!

And that, is what Juxt is all about.


What is Juxt main idea?

Juxt represents the idea that mobile art forms are quickly advancing along with mobile device technology.  Mobile art is defined simply as Art created and developed on a mobile platform (for different O.S).  The advancement and populatiry of this art form has created a culture where community is highly valued and art is constantly pushing the limits.

Juxt believes that the BEST is YET to COME. The art form is young and already so advanced.  We cannot wait to see what the future brings.  Through community presentations, artist participation, and artist engagement, Juxt believes that mobile arts will continue to advance along with technology, and more importantly through COMMUNITY.



Which activities are you planning?

Locally to Seattle, Juxt intends to support and promote mobile artists.  Period.  We have an AWESOME community of mobile artists through @IGers_Seattle, and are building relationships with Android artists as well.  Trover is a local company who developed an app that engages iPhone and Android artists alike.  Juxt and Trover are looking towards future events as opportunities to build this community in our region.

Along with community building, Juxt will curate “The Darkroom Series” (so called for the belief that mobile devices are not just cameras, but also mobile darkrooms) of gallery shows and exhibitions featuring local and regional mobile artists.  Our first gallery/exhibition will be on January 5, 2012. More details about this exciting event are found on our website.

Is Juxt only open for Seattle people?

Juxt is not just about Seattle. Juxters (Juxt bloggers) are all mobile device artists from around the world, working on multiple mobile platforms.  The idea behind Juxters is to empower these artists to share more than a daily photograph on various social media platforms.

JUXTing is to further engage through daily or weekly blogging about themselves.  We invite them to share what makes them tick. What inspires them? Who inspires them? What are their processes? What are their favorite apps and how are they used? Along with their individual blogs, Juxters will also reach out to you, the community, and ask:  What makes you tick?  What inspires you? What are your processes?  Who inspires YOU? This will be done through community interviewing.  In addition, Juxters’ blogs may be written in their native tongue.  Juxt will not limit community sharing based on language capacity. We encourage writing in your native language!


Who will be featured at Juxt?

Our first two community interviews will feature Christina Nordam Andersen@cirkeline, (see Instagramers.com Interview )  a well respected IGer whose photography and community involvement have garnered her significant attention over the past year.  Along with her, will be Anna Blackstrom @annablackstrom on StreamZoo.  Anna is an amazing Android photographer, also is very much respected within her platform peers.  This interview series will give insight on the artist and more importantly, insight to the individual.

There is also a unique spin on community involvement with Juxters:  Anyone can be interviewed, and the interviewee MUST agree to interview another artist of their choosing, and so on and so forth.  It’s a game of community TAG. You JUXT have to tag the next person.

Juxt welcomes other mobile artists who would like to contribute a featured article.  Anyone compelled to spotlight a favorite artist can suggest…OR (this is the best part) conduct the interview and submit it to Juxt. We will post submitted interviews (of course through a simple once-over) in the Juxt FEATURES section.

We look forward to announcing current Juxt activity on Instagram through our IG account @WeAreJuxt and welcome you to tag your mobile art/ photography/ pictures with #WeAreJuxt.


Thanks very much Brad, for all this info and long Life to Juxt!



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