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At Instagramers.com we love to support creative works and artists but also initiatives around new concepts of communication and describe how the social networks are changing our lives, habits, governments and countries… As I said, long time ago, Instagram was probably a way to change the world. Here´s one more example.

This week, @giariv, one of our italian buddies sent us this text about his last mission. The #LebanonMediaTour. A trip to Lebanon following the daily work and mission of italian soldier for peace. Let´s listen to this singular story.


Lebanon Media Tour explained by @Giariv


Thanks to my friend Tommaso Sorchiotti I’ve been invited to participate to a special training for media operators, journalists and bloggers promoted by the Italian Army; thanks to this course – that’s gonna go on for three days and has just started yesterday – I’m going to get a special certificate that will permit me to follow the Italian Army in foreign countries to document its peace missions in such regions (they call it “Media Tour” ‘cause it’s a journey that involves old and new media operators).

Indeed, there’s a great probability that in June or July of the current year, I’m gonna follow the Italian Army in Lebanon for a week during which I’m going to blog every day with Instagram for the first original Instablog regarding the activity of a Army Force in peace mission.

So my Instablog starts just now and from now on, for a couple of days, I’m going to document with some Instashots also these interesting training days (actually the course lasts three days but I’m going to share the may shots I’m taking there for a week or more). If You’d like to stay tuned with this event keep Your eyes and Your fingers on the tag #LebanonMediaTour . It will be also a great honor for me if You will repost this on Instagram or wherever You want.

You can also listen to my tweets just connecting with my Twitter account @giariv (same nick as in Instagram). So… Let’s get started!

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You will find news around Lebanon Media Tour in our Instagramers Italia website

 @Giariv is our local Italian Instagramers Group from @IgersPordenone

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