Old Black and White Silent Movies Used on Instagram to promote Toronto Silent Film Festival


toronto silent film festival instagramSilent Film Festival used Instagram Power a very Cool Way


Check this fun video by Toronto Silent Film Festival, which runs from April 4-9. The Festival promoted its event a really creative way through our Trendy instagram App. The concept developed by advertising agency Cossette Toronto used  Instagram to simulate the effects of an old balck and white silent movie.


Three different Instagram accounts (check also Account 2 and Account 3 used the slideshow “view mode” within the Instagram mobile app to simulate the effect, creating “trailers” to bring some of the old movies to life. That shows once again how creative you can be just using Instagram.

Source: Creativy Online  via @MarAbad



.Agency: Cossette Toronto 

Client:Toronto Silent Film Festival

Co-Chief Creative Officer:Matthew Litzinger

Co-Chief Creative Officer:David DagaCreative

Director:David DagaCreative

Director:Matthew Litzinger

Copywriter:Sebastian LymanArt

Director: Pepe Bratanov

Account Team:Jason Melhuish

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