It hasn’t been easy months for Paris. In the wake of a difficult six months, people have been understandably cautious to visit the french capital.

But Paris is an extraordinary city; one that will always champion love and beauty over fear. A city that has changed in the last six months, but remains as unique and captivating as it ever was.



With this premise, the Marriott International hotels proposed to instagramers, along with other guests, portraying the city in a way never seen before, looking to capture THAT first thing that you fell in love with Paris.

From France Sébastien Pelegrin (@seb_gordon), member of the of France instagramers community and representing the international Instagramers account, Gastón Oliva (@gastonoliva) that helps with internationally.

Both had the mission to portray the daily life of Paris, but from another perspective: using cinemagraphs.



Cinemagraphs are striking digital images, part moving; part static that were pioneered in 2011 by NYC photographers Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg, and enabled on Facebook last year.
These ‘living photos’ prompt fascination in viewers and generate up to 71% more online reach than conventional pictures. Each quasi-moving image evokes a feeling of being both within the picture, and remaining distant.
The same feeling you get when visiting a place at once familiar and strange – like Paris.

Revealing the beauty and grace of Paris through a completely new lens will cause people to reconsider how unique it is. We hope our amazing collection of digital art will inspire them to visit the city for real.


Cinemagraph by Sébastien Pélegrin


Cinemagraph by Gastón Oliva


Cinemagraph by Sébastien Pélegrin


Cinemagraph by Gastón Oliva


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