Pixel This – An exhibition for Kids Company


CreateHive, a site dedicated to recognising photographers, film-makers, artists and creatives by organising guerrilla exhibitions and shows, to showcase their work to the general public is having its first exhibition in London from November 29th thru December 3rd at the Gallery on the Corner in Battersea Park.

This exhibition is open to entries from the general public, submitting photography and short film created using smartphones.

All photographs will be auctioned to raise money for Kids Company.

All proceeds and sales from this event will be donated to Kids Company, an organisation reaching 14,000 children across London providing practical, emotional and educational support to vulnerable inner-city children and young people, in particular those with severe emotional, behavioural and social difficulties, resulting from significant experiences of trauma and neglect

Many IGers are participating in the exhibition including: So do please visit them if you are around!

@wallah, @ale2000, @chelseadebs, @streetographer, @jessewright, @joanna, @lindsey76, @maxsiphotos, @misspixels, @photogenixlincs, @robson_santos, @thexpat

The full list is here: https://createhive.org/exhibitors

Nice work @Igers!!



Please RSVP to info@createhive.org to put your name on the guestlist.







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