#PlayersContest, the new Instagramers Gallery contest


With reason of the upcoming exhibition Players. Los fotógrafos de Magnum entran al juego at the Espacio Fundación Telefónica we have just launched a new photo-contest for the Instagramers Gallery, located on the ground floor of the Foundation.


The Magnum agency, for more than 70 years, has made crucial events visible through an artistic and journalistic language of the 92 photographers who have worked on it. The exhibition “Players” offers us a different facet of these professionals and aims to show their most playful part through the concept of the game, bringing to light images where the game is the protagonist.


Following the theme of this exhibition, for the contest #PlayersContest we look for images that show the most playful facet of life, images where the game is protagonist.

To participate, post your image on Instagram with the hashtag #PlayersContest from April 13 to 29 included. The 50 best images received will be exhibited at the Instagramers Gallery from May 22, 2018.




As on other occasions, the Instagramers team will choose a single winner whose photographs will be exhibited among the national and international artists in the Gallery.

Last, but not least, thanks to LaChrome, our new printing partner, the authors of the winning photos, will be able to collect their photo in 18×18 format once the exhibition finishes. More info later.


See you at the @igersgallery!



Contest rules




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