Portrait, A Cool Documentary about Instagramers and Photographers


Portrait is a Documentary all Instagramers were waiting for.


Last may 2012, Andy Newman presented his video project into the crowd funding platform Kickstarter. Andy was just asking for 2.000 dollars to support his creative project.

A project that would talk about Instagram and Photography. A documentary that would explore the question, “In the age of Instagram, what sets a professional photographer apart?”



In less than two weeks, Andy found the financial support he needed and started to work. He followed with his video camera Andria Lindquist (Seattle based Pro Photographer) and Cory Staudacher ( @withhearts on Instagram) and bring us a beautiful story showing Instagramers and Photographers are not living in two different worlds and really just share the same feelings and passion.

From Instagramers.com we want to thank him so much for it.



Directed by Andy Newman.
Cinematography by Andy Newman and Zach Frankart.
Original music written and performed by Jonathan Haidle.
Andy: madebyandy.com | Andria: andrialindquist.com | Cory: withheartsablaze.com
Zach: zachfrankart.com | Jonathan: jonathanhaidle-music.squarespace.com

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