Salento UPNDOWN: an Instagram tour describing Salento


By : Milena Calogiuri and Gabriele dell’Anna from Instagramers Lecce @igersLecce, Italy


Salento Upndown stems from a partnership between Instragramers Lecce and the e-government Laboratory of the University of Salento. The bond consists in promoting the local territory via mobile photography, with the photographic and personal storytelling of the influencers who have been invited to participate.

The project developed into a tour which aimed at discovering Salento in an “up and down” mode.

From May 29 to June 3, 2015 a bus, 24 participants, Instagramers and bloggers –among them 5 foreigners- experienced a variety of programmes and activities, namely guided tours in the historic town-centres and on the seaside, in tiny historic villages, museums, dancing pizzica, wine tastings, boat trips and excursions, sup lessons, brunches, appetizers in the wonderful locations near the sea and in the Salento olive groves.

The hinterland like nobody has ever seen it: history and technology merged together enhancing the culture and local traditions.

The ribbon cutting event took place in the city of Lecce where, following introductions, influencers were involved in art and food shows, prize-awarding ceremonies, and university-hosted functions. Day one kicked off with an energetic pasticciotto which provided the right amount of energy to formally start this adventurous Instagram Tour. The tour continued across Salento to Gallipoli, Matino, Santa Maria di Leuca, Lido Sabbioso – Torre San Giovanni, Tuglie, Felline, Otranto, Torre Lapillo, Veglie.

The hashtag #SalentoUpNdown accounted for 1.427 posts, 500.000 likes, more than 2.500 interactions and almost 3.000.000 followers updated to June, 30th going viral and characterizing the whole territory of Salento.

Today the hashtag #SalentoUpNdown accounted for 4.900 posts, 710.000. likes, more than 13.000 interactions and almost 3.100.000 followers (the numbers are constantly increasing),



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Instagramers and bloggers who participated:

Ekaterina Mishchenkova – @katia_mi (Russia), Alexei Mavlonazarov – @atmolex (Russia), Tiziana Vergari – @tizzia (Switherland), Ilaria Barbotti – @ilarysgrill (Osimo/Ancona), Allan Edward Hinton – @chaiwalla (England), Emilio Chuliá Soler – @ejota_seventyeight (Spagna), Orazio Spoto – @oraziospoto (Milan), Maria Claudia Venturini – @piccolauma (Ancona), Beatrice Manzoni – @vadoanord (Milan/Udine), Andrea Antoni – @stailuan (Monfalcone), Emma Barreca @hypoison (Trieste), Alessandro Bordoni – @ilcavallopazzo (Ancona), Marco Usai – @gusions (Urbino), Manuela Vitulli @manuelavitulli – (Bari), Mariachiara Montera – @maricler (Torino), Marco Bottalico – @markettoz (Bari), Annarita Dipace – @__annina__ (Bari), Sara Meledandri – @_54R4_ (Bari), Benedetta Loconte – @sgrillina (Valle d’Itria), Eligia Napoletano – @eligianap (Valle d’Itria), Alessandro Piemontese – @comunicale79 (Foggia), Milena Calogiuri – @milcsecond (Lecce), Gabriele Dell’Anna – @gaker79 (Lecce).


Posts sent by the influencers may be found in the website


A special acknowledgement to the sponsors who have made the event possible:

Restaurant “Al Pescatore” Gallipoli, “In mare”, Reho – Gallipoli, Locals Salento Kytesurf, Cibarti Expo 2015 – Big Bang copartnership of Notaro Paolo, Federico Primiceri, Vestas Co. Ltd, Messapia Hotel & Resort, Password AD Ltd – 365 Giorni nel Salento, Mediamorfosi, Alessandra Bray, Terreamare – Torre Lapillo, Association Amica, La Cantina delle Streghe – Lecce, La boutique del gusto – Lecce, Protem Co. Ltd, Meltin’Pot – Gruppo Romano Ltd, Porto turistico of Leuca, La Roccia Hotel, Castro, Salento Nautica Co. Ltd, Cafè do Mar – Leuca, Suite Nina B&B – Lecce, Association TT Events, Samsara Beach – Gallipoli, Consortium Terre di Salento.


We worked in collaboration with:

Department of Economic Development, Jobs and Innovation – Apulia Region, Apulia Film Commission, Apulian Airports,td., Puglia Promozione, University of Salento, Interprovincial University Consortium of Salento, Local Action Group Terre d’Arneo, Local Action Group Serre Salentine, Municipality of Lecce, Municipality of Ugento, Municipality of Castrignano del Capo.

Students from the Faculty of Communication Sciences and of the Faculty of Political Sciences selected by the University of Salento via internal selection procedure:Ilaria Santoro and Federico Plantera.



Translation Coordination and Editing:

Maria Rosaria Buri


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