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SeeMyCity is a city marketing project based on advanced and creative mobile photography, Instagram and other social medias.

Their goal is to show and market cities through unique and contemporary mobile photography.

Not only inspire the residents, but also the “outer world” to “see”, notice and share their city through engaging, teaching and encouraging them and by using social medias like Instagram, Flickr, Twitter and Facebook.

“We believe that engaging residents to participate in our projects by using their mobile phones, and teaching them how to “see”, notice and appreciate their city, will achieve a greater level of awareness and appreciation of the place they live in. We think that this is a revolutionary and very effective way of city marketing, which will put the cities we work with on the map not only in the Netherlands, but throughout the world. Especially by using Instagram, we very effectively can reach thousands of people living in all parts of the world.” says the founder of Seemycity, Marianne Hope, @mariannehope on Instagram.

“We will arrange photo walks and workshops, host photo contests and arrange an exhibition at the end of every project exhibiting the project team member’s pictures as well as the best of the pictures contributed to the contest. Last but not least we will of course create a “buzz” by using Instagram, Twitter, Flickr and FB and hopefully through as much press coverage as possible”

At the moment, the project team is formed by very well known Igers in @IgersHolland Network.

Marianne Hope aka @mariannehope – Founder and project manager
Eelco Roos aka @croyable – Ass. project manager
Dilek Yaman aka @evedeville – Regional coordinator
Yvonne Bouman @dutchie68 – Public Relations Manager
Dirk Bakker aka @macenzo – Web master

If you re interested, you can contact with them through:

twitter: @See_My_City
Instagram: @seemycity
Facebook: SeeMyCity


Long life to @SeeMyCity project!


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