Share your mountain on Instagram on the International Mountain Day


The 11th of December is the offical International Mountain Day and @welovemountains will be connecting all the mountain lovers. Here is their story:

“We enjoy taking a walk outside, the excursions in the countryside with friends and looking at the sky and the city from another point of view. All this has also an interesting relation with photography.

You can have a good time in the mountain and share your pictures on Instagram anytime. Already even this weekend. Just remember to tag your pictures with #welovemountains.

If you take a picture between 1st and 11th of December you can participate in our contest. (The prizes to win are still a surprise….) You just have to show us that you are a mountain lover appearing with a symbol of the International Mountain Day. It could be our flag (download here) or another one made up by you, it doesn’t matter: what matters is the purpose.”

All the pictures tagged with #welovemountains will be uploaded to the We Love Mountains website.


Mountain lovers in Social Media

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Between the 1st and the 11th of December we are going to connect all the mountains with each other. See you up there?


Let’s instagram mountains!


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