SHOES the second collective ebook made by French Instagramers


SHOES the second collective ebook made by French Instagramers- (after Oh La La l’Amour) –  is available for free on the Amazon Kindle store starting this Friday until Sunday to celebrate the First worldwide Instameet on Sunday.

After that, you will be able to buy it for  US 99 cents. This book was made by  13 different IGirls using their Iphone, editing skills and talent to come up with their unique vision of the word “Shoe”.

From Cinderella to Doc martens- not forgetting flip flops- this is a collection of unique visions and relationships to shoes !

If you are interested in getting published or have publication project,  please contact her @mydame, she would love to find new talented Iphotographers.


 How to download Shoes?

1. Download the Kindle app on your Iphone or Ipad

2. Click on or look for “Shoes Instagram” inside the Kindle amazon Store

3. Check in your basket

4. Open your app, the book will be waiting for you inside archives or book.

5.   Enjoy and have fun                                                                                                                                                     



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