The Beginners Lens, ebook for Android new adopters of Instagram


His name is Guy Yang and he runs

Guy has been a long time iPhoneographer and follower of our blog and today he sent us this interesting info.
Together with Audrey Taylor, he has recently written a 45+ pages ebook about Instagram  called  “Instagram Uncovered”.
The book features many tips and offers techniques to get likes and followers, to find inspiration on the network, etc.. (as you may know you can find some of them in our blog too, tutorials about Instagram etc..)
Some of these techniques are known in the iphoneography community, some others are not. They are all effective and the value of the eBook is to bring all that information together in one place.
According to Guy, Android users would love to climb the learning curve fast and quickly be on par with iPhone users who have been on the network for more than a year and a half now. And our ebook can help them do that”.
Here’s the promotion page of the ebook:
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