World Photo Day Contest Winners


Why do you shoot? @igersrio asked that basic question on August 19th, World Photo Day.


The idea was very creative and simple: what about celebrating photography showing & telling Igers why we take pictures? The Best photos & answers posted on that day only and tagged with #igersrio_worldphotoday would get a shoot out and prints by partner @sambapix Then the idea got a little bigger – why not activate the whole Instagramers network and make world photo day a worldwide celebration? The deadline was short – only 3 days – and 22 Igers local groups joined the challenge under the global tag #igers_worldphotoday

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And the results were great! Just in three days we received  on tag #igersrio_worldphotoday723 Pics and under tag #igers_worldphotoday – 826 Pics


Here is the Recap pic (and the complete list of Winners Contributions below)



@noelle_la_belle (SPAIN)
“Taking photos transports me to another place … like I can show the world how I feel or who I am.”

@rickyworld (FRANCE)
“Why i shoot because i love instant iphotography ; #médoc (in France) and each person could see each photo from other country and i love instagram !!! ”

@kuantou (BRASIL)
“fotografo pra mostrar as cores que pulam na minha vida”
@aleskiskiskis (MEXICO)
“haciendo foto capturas el momento, ves el mundo con otra perspectiva, destacas la esencia de algo, con la foto demuestras tu forma con que ves el mundo y la vida! Feliz dia de la Fotografia desde México! ”

@fhtanaka (BRASIL)
“I shoot because photography changes the way I see the world.”

@brunodpnunes (BRASIL)
“Why do I shot? Well, I am a lawyer, so my life is sticking my mind into the uglier things the human being can come up with. I am into dishonesty, selfishness, and people ruining other else lives with uttermost disdain. I don’t like it, I don’t like problems, I try to keep myself as far away as possible from problems, I don’t like to judge anyone, I don’t like to accuse anyone, and I don’t like to defend anyone, I don’t feel myself this pretentious. I like what is beautiful, I like to see without touch, I like what is spontaneous, pure, original, I am essentially a witness of mother nature. When I shot I feel myself reborn, I feel capturing beauty, I feel living with dignity in this Planet Earth. That’s why I am an amateur photographer, and that’s why I shot.”

@elisgonzalez (BRASIL)
“Pelo simples prazer de ver… Isso é o que me emociona! O sentimento que uma foto pode transmitir”

@everyfroghashisday (PORTUGAL)
“One photo, someone’s story.
I shoot because I want to find and tell these stories”

@Barbaraariston (BRASIL)
“I shoot to freeze the moment and make it mine”

@roastedlilpiggy (USA)
“This is why I shoot, just for a moment I can freeze time and it becomes my extension and relive that moment. This is why I love photography”
Dear igers around the world, Let’s collaborate to celebrate photography every single day @ Instagram!



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