July 2011

FocusOn Instagramers 1.22: @Thomas_K

FocusOn Instagramers 1.22: @Thomas_K . Each week, Instagramers.com discovers new people. People addicted to Instagram revealing their lives, passions, tips in Instagram. This week we discover a young guy from Germany who is for me a kind of reference in …

Instagramers Networks up to 100 groups worldwide

. In just 6 months, Instagramers Networks up to 100 groups worldwide.   . With this week new launchings of  Groups from @igersDelft (nederlands) @IgersFlorianopolis (Brasil) @IgesGirona (Spain) @IgersCleveland @IgersLouisVille and @IgersNeworleans @IgersSanDiego (U.S) IgersTrieste (Italy) and finally @IgersWales our …

Photorank.me, Discovering your real photographer value?

Photorank.me, Discovering your real photographer value? . In yesterday Web App review we discovered the passion for Instagram by the team of developers of Followgram, today – and going forward on analyzing the crazy fever of  Instagram´s based web apis …

Followgram, the Instagram follow botton for your blog

Followgram, Instagram follow botton for your blog . At Instagramers.com, we discovered recently the “Followgram Button”. An useful tool you can see in this site home page and we contacted with the developers. One of them is Fabio Lalli. Fabio …

Insta.Platform: a new tool for developers who love Instagram. . The company Made by Many has just released Insta.Platform, a tool that makes it a lot easier for developers to make real-time, Instagram-fed web apps. It´s important to know. The …

Preach your own photographer style in Instagram

Preach your own photographer style in Instagram. .. We published this week a post about #StolenPics in our web and we do think this new article fits so well and hope you will enjoy it! . Few days ago, a …

The #Stolenpics Virus on Instagram

The #Stolenpics Virus on Instagram . I was just about to post about creativity describing how people work harshly everyday to define their own styles, their own touch and find their own ways.. When suddenly our Instagram Photo sharing Network …

Copygram, the developers interview

Copygram, the developers interview . You probably heard last week about a brand new IG service, a new web browser which allows you to discover Instagram pics even if you are not an Iphone User. . This service called Copygram …

FlashOn 1.9: Pic “IG” by @Kevorkb

FlashOn 1.9: Pic “IG” by @Kevorkb . Many Instagramers wrote us to request more participation of new People in Instagram. As I always say, its quite difficult to dedicate an interview to a user who just signed in or has …

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