Ink361, The web Interface formerly known as Inkstagram


This week we would like to feature another Instagram inspired web browser that features minimalistic design and a highly intuitive user interface. You may already know INK361 (formally known as INKstagram) as it has been in operation for over eight months and with over 550,000 visits a month it is quickly becoming a popular web interfaces for Instagram.


How INK361 works?

The INK361 web interface offers “feed” pages with three different photo size options: small, medium and full.

Using a grid format, the “Small” viewer is a good point for a quick scan, while the “Medium” viewer acts as the default setting, and the “Full” viewer displays the pictures in the original 612 x 612 pixel format. There is also an “Individual” image screen that provides a full size view in addition to including the photographer’s information, where the photo was taken, the “likes” and the comments pertaining to the photo. This platform allows users to utilize a wide range of emoticons in their commenting.

Similar to other social networking platforms, INK361 users have the ability to view their own and other user feeds, offer feedback or comments, “like” photos, search for streams, users, hash tags, albums and make use of the complete “share images”, “share #album” and “share your public profile” option. Sharing can be done via Facebook, Twitter or AddThis, which offers over 300 global connections with services such as blogs and journals.


Public Profile

Another important feature producing user enthusiasm is the fact that you don’t need to have an INK361 account to view photos, albums or public profiles. We all know how frustrating it can be when we want to share our photo fixation with friends who are not IPhone owners. Fortunately, INK361 has creatively solved this problem.  Users may find their own “Public Profile”, under the “profile” option within the “My Photos” section.


“Create your own Albums” Tool.

A recent addition to this accessible site is the “Hashtag Album” feature. With this item you can create albums with photos that have been “hash-tagged.” All photos categorized with a specific hash tag can be grouped into one Album and shared within and outside of the Instagram community.

This means that users have the ability to send albums to friends, family and virtually anyone on the web…the possibilities are endless.

For a taste of the “hash-tag” option view our recent #InstameetLondon with #MyLondon Hashtag album. You will be amazed at the number of options and level of ease it requires to use.

You can also join the daily “# Album of the Day Challenge” by creating a hash-tag album with your own photos which can be submitted via email to the INK361 team.  Just provide your username and hash-tag for the chance to win a custom printed photo album.


Daily Discoveries

Unique to INK361 is that they feature the “Daily Discovery” of a photographer who stands out on the Instagram platform. With over 12,000,000 Instagram photographers, this initiative provides users the opportunity to recognize exceptional photographers that may not always make it to the popular page. By following INK361 on Instagram, Daily Discover automatically show up in your feed.

As we have done in the past with other web browser developers, we asked the INK361 team to supply us with some more details about their upcoming projects.  Carel van Apeldoorn, CEO of INK361 kindly accepted our request. (see first pic in Sydney Harbour!)


Who launched INK361?

The INK361 team consists of Joshua Inkenbrandt IG User @joshink (the guy on the autoportrait besides!) who lives in San Francisco (U.S.A), Carel van Apeldoorn IG User @cva71 who lives in Guangzhou (China) and Jurg Benders  IG user @jbenders who lives in Rotterdam (Holland – Pic below)


Can you tell us how this “crazy” idea evolved?

As Instagram is an application used around the world, it makes sense that this globally accessible site consists of a very global team. The story began when Joshua, a rock star software engineer, downloaded the Instagram App and became one of its devoted users. However, he wished that there was a more accessible way to view those he followed, or interact with them on something other than an iPhone.

Joshua had a web interface in mind before the API was announced. When the Instagram team launched the API, he immediately put his skills in web development to work. Shortly after, I stumbled upon Instagram on my iPad and I was stunned with the possibilities it could offer. It was something that I immediately wanted to get involved due to my passion for photography and the Internet. I connected with Josh and straight away the wheels were set in motion. I sought the advice of Jurg Benders, a former business colleague and great friend. Jurg directly took control of the technical development, which was very much in line with his 11 year experience in leading an online business-to-business platform in Europe.

Within days the team was formed and the magic began. Working together from three corners of the world has been a great experience so far and it definitely confirms the power of social networking.


Can you give us some information about the figures related to your site?

The website has been in operation for almost 9 months. We have over 220,000 unique visitors each month producing a total of more than 600,000 visits. The traffic on the website continues to increase at a double-digit rate month after month. On Instagram they have over 27,000 followers. Currently we work with a team of 8 people.


What are the next steps for INK361?

INK361 is all about Photo discovery, creation, sharing and communicating via the web. All the future developments will be aligned with this vision.

In terms of website features, we will soon offer a terrific new tool which will improve the discovery process. With over 250,000,000 photos stored in the Instagram servers, photo searching can be a serious challenge. Currently we are in the process of finalizing and testing, in hopes the feature will be launched very soon.


In which fields will you focus the most, the viewer, the social platform?

Our focus will be on the user. Our goal is to offer the best social photo sharing experience online. We believe there is great value in the photos that the Instagram community is creating.  We envision a role where INK361 will become central to photographers in effort to help them benefit from the unique content they are creating. We are determined to play a role in breaking new innovative grounds in this area and we are very happy to experience the support from the IG community for the work we have done so far.


Which is your relation with Instagram Developers API?

We have been aligned with the Instagram API since it was released, and thus have been able to grow and introduce more functionality with our product.

We intend to continue to mold our product to be as comprehensive as possible. All we can say is “expect more!” To check it out, simply go straight to !


Thanks for your time and dedication ink361 and Let´s Instagram the world!



More info at:

– Website:

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– Twitter: @INK361 and IG account: @INK361

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