Instaquit, who follows and unfollows you on Instagram


InstaQuit allows you to track your followers and unfollowers on Instagram.

“Craig” set up a website a while ago that he only used for himself and a few friends which emailed him when they lost followers.  They pushed him to make a full website out of it. A site that allows you to know who likes, loves or unfollows you.

Instaquit Tracks who follows and unfollows you on Instagram with a system of Daily or weekly email alerts. According to the developer, you can also automatically follow or unfollow those who do the same to you and Check who you follow that doesn’t follow you and graphical online statistics.

As Craig himself says “It’s slightly controversial” and it´s true that this tool put the focus on the relevance of “Followers and following” of your Instagram stream, something we personaly not promote. But we had to talk about it.

We already did it yet when InstaFriendManager launched an App to detect people that could love you or leave you directly from a paying  iPhone app.

In the past, he already developed a  “sister-site” called Twitquit (the same concept with Twitter Followers/Unfollowers) and  Tumquit ( with Tumblr Followers/Unfollowers).

More info on @InstaQuit on Instagram and



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