My InstaStory 1.5 update introduces a whole new social dimension to the app


instastoryYou will probably remember our introduction of Instastory App few weeks ago here. With My InstaStory App, Instagramers can create their own short personal clips or #instastories from their photos and share them with the Instagram community as well as facebooktwitterand email etc…

So Now People can also search for friends and stories, comment on and like stories, enjoy your home feed based on your Instagram followings, and your Instagram followers have you on their feed.


You can now create stories with up to 24 photos, determine the speed of the slideshow and more.


New Key Features in Version 1.5 are:

  • Like and comment on story-clips! And see what others commented!
  • Friends feed: See the clips by all the friends I follow on Instagram
  • Follow people, and get others to follow you
  • Search for friends by their Instagram name.
  • Find story-clips by hashtags (and add hastags to your clips)
  • More pictures! Following users’ requests, now up to 24 photos in a clip!
  • You decide on the SPEED of the clip – how fast the photos will change (slow, medium, fast)
  • You decide where on the picture you put your text!
  • Promote yourself on Instagram with one click – get more people to watch your clips!
  • Get notification if someone likes or comments on your story, and if your story reaches the popular

Get My InstaStory 1.5 on the AppStore (for Free)


You can also Find more info about My InstaStory on


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