10 Things Not To Do As a Street Photographer


If you dont know Eric Kim StreetPhotography, i think you should follow him right now in Facebook or suscribe to his blog news. End of the year is very propitious to deliver list of advices or resume around a topic.

I think this ones really deserved to be shared here at Instagramers who are very interested by this kind of pics. You may not agree yourself with all of those “ten rules” but they are really useful.

10 Things Not To Do As a Street Photographer by Eric Kim.


1.Dont shoot standing up

2.Dont shoot street performers or the homeless

3.Don’t spend more time researching gear than shooting photos

4.Don’t ask others what they like about your images

5.Don’t waste time focusing

6.Don’t rush yourself

7.Don’t constantly change focal lengths

8.Don’t shoot without knowing why you shoot

9.Don’t be slow when shooting

10.Don’t upload photos everyday


Read here the full article with beautiful shots.


Thanks to this brilliant article that will interest lots of Instagramers interested by “Street Photography” and improving in this topic. (Pic on this article by our friend @Thomas_K recient interview here)

















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