FocusOn 1.51: Christian Guemy aka @ChristianGuemy on Instagram


Instagram is a great creative field for talented people.christian guemy helps you to discover, sometimes unkown, surprising users. People addicted to Instagram, telling about their lives, revealing their passions and sharing Instagram tips.


In our last interview we featured an amazingly creative stream managed by a designer called @BrockDavis (see interview here) today we feature a French guy addicted to Street Art. Through Instagram, he found a way to spread his art and (sometimes) ephemera work.


His name is Christian Guemy…


He says he always lived in urban landscapes and he already began to write and tag streets when he was just 15.

He waited some 20 more years to make the definitive step forward to become a street artist…  First he thought he was just a crazy man who was needy to express himself, but he slowly turned his craziness into a job.

“Now I would love to turn this madness again into a hobby….” he says. 

He recently exhibited in Barcelona and you will be able to enjoy his art works in Paris, France until March, 31 st. at Musee de la Poste. 34 bd vaugirard 75014. The name of the exhibit is “Au delà du street art”.

Most of his current ideas can be seen in his Instagram feed and his Flickr page.

Here below, you can find an exclusive interview and some of his best pics.


Thank you very much Christian, for your contribution to this website!


You are:  I am a 39 years old stencil artist living in Vitry, near Paris.

You would like to be: A dictator, but I gave up to be an artist.

3 items to take to a desert island: A mobile phone, some coca-cola and an inflatable boat.

What has been your most bizarre life experience: Becoming an artist.

A super power you would like to have: Being invisible.

If you ruled the world: I would legalize marijuana.


In ‘real’ life

Happy alone (with Instagram), in love, married or it’s complicated: It’s complicated!

You love: Smoking while cutting new stencils.

You can’t stand: Buying new clothes! (That’s maybe why it’s complicated with my girlfriend)

A song that best describes you: “I am just a gigolo”

Your hobbies: Collecting cash.

A trip you dream of: Diving in Tahiti.

A quote: “You can run but you can’t hide” (Jack Dempsey in the ring)

A wish: To see my daughter Nina happy while she grows older.

Some-one you admire: Caravaggio.

What more must we know about you in one phrase: “I don’t wanna be your idol”.


Your life on Instagram

Your Instagram birthday: December 19th, 2012

iPhone, Android, DSLR: iPhone

How did Instagram change your life: I entered the sacred world of Instagram filters.

Instagram for professional or personal use: Nothing else but artistic.

Define your style in one word: Prolific.

Daily time spent on Instagram: 30 minutes.

Favorite hashtag: #c215

A filter: Hefe

An App: Still prospecting.

A gadget: I just began on Instagram and still looking around.

Pictures that make you laugh on Instagram: Kitties.

Pictures that must be forbidden on Instagram: Ugly feet.

An improvement for Instagram: Private messages.

Life without Instagram would be: More isolated.

An Instagram user we can’t miss: The infamous graffiti photographer Martha Cooper (@marthacoopergram)

Anything else? Stop consuming.


Describe your favorite pic: Some stencil painting  originally based on a photograph, then filtered.


Thank you very much Christian, it’s very interesting to discover new creative and fun streams like yours!


Follow Christian Guemy

Instagram | Twitter | Flickr | See some of Christian’s amazing pictures below














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