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Here “most popular” or “number of followers” are not relevant. Just People with something in common. Their addiction to Instagram. This week we meet a very special user. A “deviant artist” called @darrylljones.


@darrylljones. “When Lego meets Instagram”


I follow now Darryll for few weeks and I appreciate really his work. He is a very “special” Instagramer.  Definitely, not a “usual” one.

Darryll doesn´t make pictures of dogs,  cats or any other pets. No buildings, towns, beaches, sunrise or sunsets.. Darryll takes pictures of Lego! And more specifically “Star wars Stormtroopers Lego”!


You would be correct in thinking that this 36 years man is a little bit old to be carrying lego stormtroopers around in his pocket, and you might be correct. “In my mind, I´m still a 13 year old little boy, running naked through fields of chocolate thorn trees and being chased by a large marshmallow shoe” he says.

It seems that his interest in Lego photography only really blossomed after having to move from Johannesburg and his Sunny South Africa, to “long grey winters in the united Kingdom”.


Today, his real job involves photographing products for Tesco.


He feels really fortunate to have, as each day that goes by, the opportunity to learn constantly the ins and outs of studio photography in his job.

He has a passion for art, sculpture and the outdoors. He is really in his element photographing panoramic landscapes in HDR but his lego drives his passion for conceptual art.

“it’s a great mix when the weather turns bad, to be able to keep photographing indoors and knowing that somewhere in the world, an image of mine has made anybody smile or giggle. That makes me very happy indeed”.

His main photographic work is with a Canon 5D. But, and quite amusingly, he can often be seen with his “pro” camera slung around his back and instead shooting little lego setups on his iphone for instagram.

He thinks Instagram has really changed his world in the last few weeks. As it is instant and he can bounce ideas off it right away before doing a huge setups with lights and so on. Most of all, IG really inspired his creativity through the feedback and followers.

He says, he is very  fortunate to have a litlle daughter and a wife that not only buys him lego, but sits building it with him and always inspires him to be creative.

“I am in the process of developing a book and my site where I will offer prints and t-shirts of various scenarios. Already I have sold a few on red-bubble which is great”. Darryll is really an hyper-active creator. He kindly accepted to answer to our questions.


When did you first join IG?

Exactly 7 weeks ago, so whats that…. What day is it today…? And why do I have my daughters sock on my head.


Why are you so addicted to IG?

Simple, its instantaneous feedback on my images, and to know that I can make people smile and laugh is VERY addictive.


Were you already fond of photo before?

Yeah, always dabbled in photography and was lucky to land a job in photography when we moved to the UK 2 years ago, I would say I am more passionate about images that cause a reaction of sorts, be it laughter, fear, love, disgust. Anything that moves someone.


For you, which are the 3 best pics apps?

Honestly, since installing instagram, I hardly use any other. But I still have hipstamatic loaded and I find DIPTIC really useful to be able to tell a story with multiple images. (btw don´t forget to tag #ministory)


How long time do you spend a day in IG? Doing what?

When I am not setting up little men, I am thinking about them and what they can do, when I am not doing that, I am responding to messages or looking at other peoples work. I try reserve 12 minutes of each day for family life, chores, eating, driving and work. The rest is instagram.


How did you get so many followers in so little time?

Possibly because I follow so many others, and have come to know what people like. Also, I get comments about how my creations make people laugh, so word of mouth gets around. Everyone needs at least 600 smiles per day, hopefully I can contribute to that. But on the whole, It is not really a numbers game for me. It´s great to know that more and more people follow, but in the end, I am just doing what I love doing.


Which is your favorite pic?

That’s hard, each time I make a picture I think, that’s a winner.

But besides the lego, my best picture of all time was when my daughter was born, and the doctor held her up, and I was holding my beautiful wife’s hand, and had my finger on the button of my camera with the other, and just snapped off, what was the beginning of my daughters life, and she has changed our world so much in so many ways.

Lego, I would say, I still have a real soft spot for Darth vader and his Ikea fighter, as it was the first time I removed the head and used blue tac to tilt it. It instantly gave him so much more character and appeal, plus I have seen it on peoples screens all over the place. Also, the little forest gump trooper, he just makes me feel so sad.


Did your Lego get frequently “Pop”?

I have not ever gotten a POP, do not know how to, however, I was once driving in my car in Johannesburg, and heard a loud pop, I had hit a brick in the road and had to push my car into a petrol station to change the wheel. My reaction could be measured in words, which may not be applicable for this site.


Do your “non Instagramers” friends and family are bothered by your IG addiction?

Not at all, They all share my passion for creativity, and if anything, I think they are just happy that it is not Plants vs Zombies I am addicted to anymore, well, until they choose to upgrade it again.


A funny anecdote in your short Instagramer life?

Nothing to report yet, although knitterbird is knitting one of my trooper a jersey.


A trick you would recommend?

Be creative and think out of the box. Follow as many people as you can and answer as many of the comments people leave. I always try be humble and approachable.

And also, Share your knowledge but try keep your pictures unique.


Something you would say to a new user?

Uhm….. Enjoy yourself and do not read the instruction booklet!


One of Darryll Fav is “Darth vader and his Ikea fighter”


Thanks very much to Darryll (user) @darrylljones!

He is really a funny, creative and original guy you may meet on IG. You can also see his art on deviantart or his portfolio here.

He also entertains requests and ideas for any scenario, so feel free to email him at darrylljones@gmail.com


Hope you enjoyed discovering Darryl with us!


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