Instagram 10 million users all over the world in less than one year


Instagram goes on breaking rules of  Social Networks and defy all precedent success stories around Internet and Social Media.

Just the week after launching their new 2.0 Instagram version,  the 6 persons company blog announced yesterday that we were finally reaching more than 10 million registered users in our Igers world!

Kevin Systrom and Mikey Krieger can really be proud of this great story!

Further than the massive press cover and business interest it will surely bring in the next few days, Instagram App is not only terrific in terms of audience and numbers of registered members but because of all the changes in social networks consumption habits  it may provoke too.

From, we wanted to celebrate it just as fans, as addict people who live everyday a kind of IG Love Story!


By the way, many of us could be interested in work with them in San Francisco, so let check this info!

They look for the 7th member of the Instagram team


Congrats Instagram Team! Congrats Igers all over the world!




More info:

If you read this article today, you can be interested to read this article too at Adweek where  Systrom explains the way they are thinking of makingb it profitable.

Through charging for premium features or through a possible advertising strategy.  More and more companies accounts like Burberry Ford and Red Bull showed yet their interest in exploting the Photo-sharing platform to reach their customers.





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