Instagram Socialmatic Camera Overview


We interviewed this week here the amazing italian designer Antonio de Rosa from Adr Studio  around his life, passions and awesome SocialMatic Concept cameraAntonio (a.k.a @antder in Instagram ) shared this video with me today and i thought it could be interesting for you too!

According to Antonio,  ADR Studio would have signed a preliminary agreement with a leading player in global telecommunications.
In this first phase they can’t reveal its brand name, but its  know-how, their innovative approach to distribution of products and its over twenty years experience in design and engineering of products, makes Socialmatic every day closer to us!

“This step allows us to feel more confident about the technical side, while continuing the funds raising, on Indiegogo and thanks to external investors” says Antonio.

Antonio goes one step forward offering new images of his concept camera and accesories through “a less than 2 minutes” video in 3d. Check it now!



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