Mango Fashion uses an Instagram user´s  photo without his authorization .

photo instagramers Tuana on Mango ClothIf few months ago a very well known magazine used without any permission, a picture of our friend @sionfullana, today @Tuana our Instagramers manIger from Skovde (Sweden) that one of his photos is used (without any authorization) in a garment of the brand Mango. (see article online store Mango)

Tuana Aziz is one of our beloved Swedish Instagramers and we interviewed him about his project last year.

Tuana is very concerned since he worked for a long time in a book called THE LAST PRINCESS with all his passion and sees today one of his favorite works (it´s Tuana´s profile photo actually) in a garment of international clothing brand. And without authorization.

Tuana found it by surprise visiting a store in Sweden and then ratify the misuse of one of his photos in the on-line catalogue of the brand.

¨ I´m really upset… I Don´t know what to do “ says Tuana. Me neither… But we can´t accept this kind of behavior…

Probably Mango trusted in an original design of ¨a clever designer¨ from wherever that caught without scruple a photo from Instagram but from we must ensure the respect and authority of the art work of our members and friends.

I do not know if it will help or not, but we can not let this kind of thing go. Please spread the word…


@ philgonzalez

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