FlashOn Instagramers 1.25: @SusanaBarbera


Each week we discover new and interesting feeds in Instagram.  This section FlashOn is an open space where we give a shout out and promote IG users.  No need to have thousands and thousands of followers! Soon, it could be your turn!

This week I decided to feature @SusanaBarbera , a spanish girl.

Her name is Susana but she prefers to be called Sue. She lives with her sweet dog called Nemo in Chiclana, a little town close to the beach in Cadiz.

She is a wedding photographer. The kind of photographer you can meet surrounded by family and music, priest and flowers. She adores being around people in love, have the chance to tell their story, catch the magic that is in the air that special day, all the feelings, the emotions, the tears, the smiles…THE LOVE.

She is a person full of passion.

For her, wedding photography is like doing streetphotography or documental photography mixed with some directions all mixed in just one day!

She studied first to be a lawyer  but she soon gave it up for her real passion, photography.

She loves traveling and meeting people all around the world and her trips are usually linked with experience and learning. She rarely takes holidays.

Her job and her curiosity took her to weddings in Hong Kong, England, Italy and she also went to New York to take some pics for the Obama elecction coverage just 2 weeks ago. She went back to NY just to meet with some great streetphotographers she met in instagram. You can see all her stream her.

More about her below her grid.



She just got her first iphone 3 months ago and she is a “newbie” but she admits “This stuff is so addictive…for the first time in my life i am doing pics for myself, not for a client, just for me”.

She loves black and white… She says she sees differently now. it´s like more easy to do a composition and not get distracted by the colors. Thats why the most of her feed got not color. She usually use the iPhone camera, and edit with Camera+ most of the time for black and white. Squaready and she likes Snapseed to bring out some details and to straight lines..

She feels free to express herself here and she LOVES that about Instagram.

“Being in instagram is making me be a better photographer and a better person and I had been told that if you wanna be a better photographer you has to be a better person”

“I´m meeting great people, I´m learning a lot from them and finding a lot of inspiration. What else can i ask for?”

She really enjoys her new friends here in instagram, for all their suport, all their inspiration and specially people like @richnyc (see his interview here) she had the chance to meet in New York @aliveinnyc and his streetstories, @kattiab the sweetest girl in instagram according to her or Gabriel Samper @kainxs and his charming#hombrecitos, finally the last but not the least @alemor73 who is teaching her new ways to see arquitecture.

Thanks Susana and go on with the good work.

You can follow her here.



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