Instamakassar First Photowalk in Makassar Indonesia


Instamakassar recently organized a photowalk around Paotere , a traditional port in Makassar, Northern Makassar, Indonesia and celebrate it with a great closing event and an exhibition of Instagramers Pics held from 6 to 10 June 2.

Photowalk congregated approximately 40 people. All members of @instamakassar group and they received the special visit of @gunhp. (see his interview last year here at instagramers)

The main goal was that all members of @instamakassar could meet and share their deep passion for Instagram .

The team took the opportunity to welcome new users from android and invite them to join the Instamakassar local Igers group.

After a tour around docks, a floating village, the group finally visited Paotere traditional port where photographers tried to get the best pics from nice boats.


Fishermen and residents welcomed instagramers and enjoyed a lot checking  photos taken with mobiles.


The final exhibition was showing pics with main hashtags #paotere2012 and # instamakassar photowalk #makassarphotowalk




In the pic above:

Terima kasih atas tutor HDRnya om @j3mpolan ,terimakasih @hdrindonesia ..

Terimakasih juga untuk ibu @mayaandry_gi untuk tempatnya.. Bravo #instamakassar #hdr_indonesia || @paiipay_gp @deolantara @dayat390 @ndrii12 @okiiyy_gp @andyyuliaa @ethyty @kikymiskaad @oioipasuloi @kindyretna @rhiz_ky @zizuzan_gi @hendra17_gi @ariest_gi @photoproject33_gi @mayaandry_gi @rusdiwae_gi @rizkydian_gi @pranabbas_gi @j3mpolan @vicky_jr_gi @cheluq_gp @the_afree @iweirwan @fano_rukmana @the_panjank @ikomd @bandyto_gi @adhelia_irfan @monalisa77_gi @amin_em @tiurharahap @fadli214 @aLLdy_10@miemhi @bochan_ @thasyasyonk @riobass_gi

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