Create your Facebook Time Line cover with Instagram Pics.



Statigram is really doing great Instagram´s stuff lately.

I remember when I interviewed them in May last year, they amazed me with many interesting ideas of future tools “on process” for Instagramers.

In the following months, the y created the public url for users, they launched a “contest tool” to make easy Instagram´s challenge organization or few days ago they informed us about the “reposting tool” to facilitate the “repost” of other instagram users pics.

Today we show you how you can create your own facebook Time Line cover with your last 50 pics in Instagram!

Just visit Statigram here and promote your stream!

It´s definitely a funny way to show your pics to your non-Instagramers friends and share a little bit more of our passion!



The graphic example above is from @annaleticohen from our@IgersBrasil staff.




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