The Comments tracker, new tool for Instagram by Statigram


Statigram strikes back! New feature on Statigram! The Comments tracker!


If you follow our blog for some months, you probably heard about this active team of french people who developed day after day, new and intereting tools for Instagram Fans. The repost tool or the Facebook Time lime with Instagram Pics among others and always thinking through a user point of view.

Now they launch the “Comments tracker” that avoids you missing comments on your 5 latest photos.

Heavy users of Instagram may known that it´s very hard to follow all the new comments in the Instagram newsfeed, above all if your community is all around the world.

So Statigram released a tool that gather all the new comments in one place on Statigram.

– A red mark in the Management section lets you know when there are new comments and how many new comments you received since last login to the app.

– You can mark them as read when no action on your part is required or when done.

– You can reply to each comment and follow the discussion in an efficient way.

Statigram truly thinks “it could be a very useful tool for community managers and for all users who want to reply to each comment” and we do agree with them. Great and useful tool once again guys.

This tool is in beta and they’ll improve it thanks to your users feedback so dont hesitate to contact them. If this tool is very useful they will extend probably the service to more than 5 latest photos and add very cool new features.

Your feedback is always very welcome at Statigram: 

By email at contact(@)

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