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Our friend Tyson a.k.a as @twheat recently interviewed here in our blog wanted to thank all the people who joined last Instameet in HongKong and he wanted to send a very personal message to all assistants. I thought it was a good idea to thank them too and share his recap with all our Instagramers friends too!


Honk kong Recap by @Twheat

I can’t thank you enough for coming to Hong Kong’s first ever Instagram exhibit last night.

Your support made opening night very special for me and the 16 other iPhoneographers.

I’m fairly certain the bourbon nightcap with Allison (@amorrow) and that mysterious. non-IG’ing New Zealander at 12:15 am is to blame for my cloudy head today, but there are memories that stuck.


Some of my favs memories, moments and pics:  


  • The look on Claire’s (@Blurryclaire) face seeing her artwork on the wall for the first time.
  • Meeting Simon (@stmng) in real life, after following him around on Instagram for a year.
  • Being super impressed with Jay’s (@Jayoatway) signature.
  • Thanking Fhung (@Fhung) for showing up early and helping to set up, printing name tags, getting everyone to sign the hashtag mirror, etc, etc, #thankyousomuchwouldnthavesurvivedwithoutyou
  • Wishing happy birthday to Boo (@Xenaboo)
  • Eating fried rice at 10:50 pm courtesy of Pete (@Furkidsinhk) – prompting the best line overheard all night. “Dude, where did you get Chinese food in Soho?”
  • I remember posing with you Rita (@mochachocolatarita), I just can’t seem to recall a dancing squid on my shoulder.
  • Learning on Instagram that 5-taxi pileup had happened just outside the bar. Wowzer.
  • Ines (@Ines_In_HK) sharing her truly amazing ideas for a themed exhibit. I look forward to collaborating Ines, but I’m afraid someone’s already beaten us to the punch on a “Sh*t Instagrammers Say” video.
  • Being surrounded by and literally sat upon by my HK Instayay family.

I made some new friends too!


Like Ashwin (@ashw1n), who had an 11-hour layover in Hong Kong on his business trip from SFO to Bangalore – and managed to show up right as the doors opened. Really nice meeting you Ashwin.

I met Audrey (@jukhim) too, quite possibly the nicest person ever, who follows my feed from Malaysia and just happened to be in town on holiday. Amazing!

Speaking of amazing, check out this cross-continental assist from my SF-based buddy Pei (@pketron) who led her friends @ayoumali and @zach_lg to our event. These guys are awesome!

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I mean Instagram is what connects us, right? But STILL, I was kinda blown away last night when I met Amy (@aim2run) from San Fransisco who knows me via (@DocPop) — and just HAPPENED to be in town for work!

One of the most fascinating conversations I had last night about iPhoneography was with a guy I met named Vincent. You should really check out his mobile photography. I think I may have convinced Vincent to join us on Instagram. Look out for him.

Oh, btw, did you notice the guys from @Casetagram were there? They were, and I swear I heard the words “sponsor.”


Other stuffs!


Many of you have asked about the “12×12” canvas prints, which turned out great. If you want to do the same, the guy you want to talk to is Samuel at O-Live Decor (Tel 8105-2588) Do me a solid and tell him I sent you, OK? I’m trying to get a deal on the next event. Oh yes, there will be another!

Special thanks to Alex, Malcolm and the team at V13 Vodka Bar for donating the space – free of charge. You’d be doing Alex a huge favor by “liking” V13’s Facebook Page.

And don’t forget – this exhibit will remain up through April 11, so come back and bring a friend. We got a bit of local press – which you should definitely share with people you are trying to impress.

Reminder, our next Instayay photowalk will be next Sunday, 25th of March. It’ll be our one year anniversary. Sign up on our FB page for details.

Thanks again everyone for coming.
I’m truly humbled and honored to call you friends.


Tyson (@Twheat)

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