Instagramers Worldwide Instameet Announcement 2018, 06-07 Oct.

With more than 600 Instagramers groups in 80 countries, Instagramers (aka @Igers) community was the first Instagram’s fans community launched ever. Our hashtag #igers is up to 240 million pics on Instagram! We made tons of friends, we married people, we had dozens of “Instababies”, fruit of thousands of Instameets around the world. We want to celebrate our 8th anniversary with you all! . 2010 seems so long time ago. Let´s have a “revival”! . 2010: We were less than 3 or 4 million Instagram lovers around the planet. Instagram was a place where mobile photography was reigning and thousands of users around the world wanted to go further than a social media friendship built through pictures. They were eager to meet each other in “the real life”. . Our Igers (a.k.a Instagramers) groups of Madrid, Portland, Barcelona, London turned to be the really first promotors of a spontaneous and worldwide instameets movement on Instagram. So good memories! Today things have changed a lot on Instagram, we are more than 1.000 million users and our behaviours and interests are really different from 2010 but Instagramers Networks still supports the idea that “not everything is based on funny stories, using masks, running after followers and likes”. PEOPLE are still important too. . Let´s celebrate a new Worldwide Instameet! Our own #IgersWorldInstameet! . Instagramers Network wants to celebrate once again a global and enthusiastic #IgersWorldInstameet next October 06 and 07th and call all its IGers local communities to participate!!! . How to join our #IgersWorldInstameet? . There is different ways to join our global movement. . Check if there is an official IGers local chapter in...

And these are the #PasateAlModoAvion contest winners!

We would like to thank everybody who has been participating; more than two thousand “airplane mode” pictures were uploaded to Instagram; relax, fun, unwinding, beach, sun, moments of peace. Soon you’ll be able to visit the exhibition at the Instagramers Gallery, located at the Telefónica Foundation in Madrid. See you there!

Show us how you disconnect this summer with the new Instagramers Gallery contest #PasateAlModoAvion

Summer is here and with that, the well-deserved vacation. It’s the perfect time to rest, relax and unwind. And it is also a good time to take photos and publish them to Instagram. With the new Instagramers Gallery contest we combine the two activities and we are searching for the best pictures of relaxation, rest and disconnection. Switch to airplane mode, but first… share your images!

#MadridNeoyorkino, the new exhibition at Instagramers Gallery

We are thrilled to announce the #MadridNeoyorkino contest winners; soon their pictures will be exhibited in the Instagramers Gallery!

Thanks to everyone who has been participating. Soon the winning pictures will be exhibited at the Instagramers Gallery, located at the Telefónica Foundation in Madrid. We are waiting for you!

#MadridNeoyorkino, the new Instagramers Gallery contest

Participate to #madridneoyorkino, our new contest together with @igersgallery and @espacioftef and a very special collaboration with @madridneoyorkino! “Madrid has something of #NuevaYork” said our beloved and in our hearts @nata_41 creator of the community account @madridneoyorkino. Today we want to give her a tribute and invite you to share with us your photos of the capital that remind you of New York in some way. It can be buildings, life situations, neons, whatever you can think of!

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