Party and new artists at Instagramers Gallery Madrid


We’ve got news for you!

Yesterday, we have been celebrating in style at Instagramers Gallery Madrid!

This tremendous party had several reasons. (Although we Instagramers do not need a reason to celebrate :D)


First of all, our friends from Instagramers Madrid had their fifth birthday. Already since five years they are organizing meets up, exhibitions, get-togethers and photowalks in Madrid, congrats!!


Secondly, we are thrilled to introduce you to a new team of Instagramers Gallery artists! (We’ll soon be presenting you all the artists in another post). At the same time, the Instagramers Gallery turned two years old yesterday… (And many more will come.)


Nazaret aka @nazaret from Tarragona and Laura Lopez aka @lauraponts from Lleida, two Spanish very talented instagramers, came to celebrate with us and tell us their story of how their Instagram adventure started some years ago. Nazaret’s pics are mostly impressive scenes, black, white and grey scaled, nature, minimal, mysterious… While Laura’s pics are the most tasteful foodie pics we’ve ever seen. Thousands of followers are now big fan of their pictures. (And we too!) We are honored to have their pictures are exhibited at the Instagramers Gallery.


Meanwhile in the public…


Our special guests for the night were Jon Sistiaga aka @jsistiaga, famous Spanish journalist (filming documentaries in countries such as Ruanda, Kosovo, Columbia, Mexico, North Korea….) and Wally Lopez aka @wallylopez, well-known Spanish DJ and producer (with his own show at Europa FM)


And then.. There was the party!

With a surprise visit by Alaska aka @alaskaoficial and Mario aka @mariovaquerizooficial, two big Instagram fans and friends of Phil Gonzalez. Alaska is singer, songwriter, actress and television presenter and one of the leading figures of the The Madrilenian scene. Her sentimental partner is Mario Vaquerizo, journalist, writer, singer, actor and manager of “celebrities” and also collaborating with the radio. A unique and splendid couple. Alaska and Mario also have their pictures exhibited at the Instagramers Gallery and we’ll be updating them regularly, so you can follow their lives through Instagram at the Instagramers Gallery. 


Well Instagramers, it was another successful and great night to remember at the Instagramers Gallery!

Thank you all for coming and stay tuned, more is coming in 2016!!

A BIG THANKS to our partners Espacio Fundación Telefónica and Picglaze, whitout them, all this would not be possible.



Wishing you great Christmas Holidays and remember we open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 8pm, you can find us in Fuencarral 3, Madrid


More (party) pictures here

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