How to make good use of Hashtags in Instagram?

How to use Hashtags in Instagram? Instagram team launched recently a new version of Instagram with a new feature called Hashtags. But what is an Hashtag? And why is it so important to use it?

How to become “most popular” in Instagram

How to become “most popular” in Instagram? Appearing in “most populars” list it is without a doubt the most efficient way to gain rapid and massive social recognition in Instagram. It must be really exciting! Imagine yourself receiving a congratulation message direct from Instagram´s team back in san Francisco, a message which is then followed by a rapid increase in your number of followers.  I have never experienced it til today but a couple of my “Most Popular” listed Instagram friends assure me the feeling is great. How to become a “most popular”  is probably the most recurrent question you will find in comments. I will try and resume here the best strategies in my opinion are the best to attain this objective. Of course, as always,  your best tips and your IG best practices are more than welcomed. What is the “Most Popular” Secret formula? Like CocaCola´s secret formula, no one really knows how the “Most populars” algorithm  although one important factor seems to be  the amount of “likes” you get during a period of time,  the more you get during the shortest period of time, the better chance you have. We do think that receiving lots of “Like” in one minute makes allows you to enter in this valued chart. That means the number of followers is fundamental, probably the most important criteria. Nevertheless, Ibelieve that nothing can beat genuine interest in working on your profile and of course a large amount of sympathy from your part. As in Twitter, the simplest way to have “followers” is to follow loads of people and by “deference” a percentage of...

How to boost my profile in Instagram?

You are probably interested in develop your community in Instagram, have more friends etc.. Let´s see some basic tips and please bring your opinion in blog comments.

How to start in Instagram?

Really there is no best practices guide of how to upload your first photo. Don’t worry and do what you feel!

How can I join Instagram?

Join Instagram is very easy. You just have to follow the different steps in the App. You only have to fill your email, a password, choose your nick.
Upload a photo and that´s it! Your are an Instagramer!

What is Instagram?

Instagram is more than only a pics app for Iphone available in Applestore. It´s a real social network. Same as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr but different … Available for Ipod Touch (and Ipad) and It´s free.

It´s the first app you will find in App Search Results in the Applestore.

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