#TheMovingContest, the new Instagramers Gallery contest

With reason of the upcoming exhibition “THE DANCER OF THE FUTURE. FROM ISADORA DUNCAN TO JOSEPHINE BAKER”, at the Telefónica Foundation, we have just launched a new photo-contest for the Instagramers Gallery, located on the ground floor of the Foundation.

Winning #RojoMarte contest pictures, soon exhibited in the Instagramers Gallery

Hi Instagramers!
We’re thrilled to announce the winning #RojoMarte contest pictures; they will soon be exhibited at the Instagramers Gallery at the Telefonica Foundation in Madrid! We are waiting for you…
Thanks to everyone who has been participating, we have seen authentic replicas of the red planet, along with many more artistic interpretations.
A big congrats to a final winner @ihave_seen_things from Madrid!!
Victor’s photos will be displayed next to all international artists.

#RojoMarte, the new Instagramers Gallery contest

We have taken this exhibition as an inspiration for our new Instagramers Gallery contest! Following the line of this exhibition we invite you to participate by uploading images to Instagram with the hashtag, #RojoMarte, the color of Mars.

In order to participate, post your picture to Instagram with the hashtag #RojoMarte (translated to english: Red Mars) from October 22nd until November 12th. 50 winning pictures will be exhibited at the Instagramers Gallery, Telefónica Foundation, from November 21st on.  One big winner will be chosen, who will have his pictures exhibited along with the international artists.

New #AZULEANDO exhibition at Instagramers Gallery

We hope you enjoyed summer! And we want to thank you for uploading more than 5,000 pictures in our #AZULEANDO Summer Contest! In order to make summer last a little bit longer, soon you’ll be seeing all these sea, swimming pool, clear blue skies and holiday pictures…. at the Instagramers Gallery, located at the Telefónica Foundation in Madrid. We don’t have the exact date yet, but it will be anytime soon!

#Azuleando, the new Instagramers Gallery contest

Summer is here and holidays are around the corner! Days to enjoy, to rest, and to make lots of pictures! We just launched a new contest to paint the Instagramers Gallery blue! We are looking for summer images such as sea, swimming pool, clear blue skies….. Holidays! Alone, with friends, family, pictures that reflect those relaxing (or adventurous) holidays that will make summer last when we return to the Gallery in September. 

Instagramers Gallery Artists 2017 – and other news

Here’s a big hello from the Instagramers Gallery in Madrid, located at the Telefónica Foundation, Fuencarral 3, Madrid, and we’re thrilled to introduce you to this year’s Instagramers Gallery’s artists. We managed to mix all kind of different styles from 23 talented and international artists from all over the world. Among them famous chef Alberto Chicote and 10x kite-surf world champion Gisela Pulido!

New #LeicaContest exhibition at Instagramers Gallery

We have chosen the winners of the #LeicaContest!


During the three weeks of this contest, related to the exhibition “With eyes wide open, 100 years of photography Leica” (Con los ojos bien abiertos. 100 años de fotografía Leica), at the Telefonica Foundation, we have received more than 5,000 street photographs tagged with #LeicaContest and #IgersHuaweiP10 and we have selected 70 winners! These photos will be exhibited at Instagramers Gallery from June 27th on.

A Vending Machine Selling Likes and Followers in a Mall in Russia

When we thought that Instagram had recently taken a big hit after shutting down popular BOT service called Instagress, one of the main bots selling fake “likes”, we got this snapshot that defines everything. A mall, a vending machine that sells “Likes”. OMG.

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